Farming Practices

Our passion for pasture guides all of our farm practices.  We raise our sheep and cattle (beef not yet for sale) in wide open spaces, the way nature intended.  We treat our animals ethically and humanely - understanding that well-cared for animals produce the highest quality meat.  All of our livestock are grass fed and rotate pastures on a regular basis ensuring that the pastures have enough rest to regenerate.  Lambs are finished on hay and minimal grain (if any), giving their meat beautiful flavour and marbling.

We have many people ask if our animals are raised without antibiotics.   Generally speaking, our animals are raised without the use of antibiotics and/or other medications.  That being said, we will use the prescribed medications necessary when an animal is sick or in need.  The welfare of our animals is of utmost importance and we will not refuse an animal treatment if it is warranted.  If a lamb is treated with medication,  the proper withdrawal times are followed as per the veterinarian recommendations.  No antibiotics will be found in lamb on your plate.  All of our animals are fed on a hormone-free diet.