Our Story

Hello and welcome to Riverview Ranch Meat Co!  R2, which we affectionately call it, is our family owned and operated farm in Melancthon, ON, just over an hour north of Toronto.  We,  Mike and Amber Swidersky own the farm and operate it with our two children, Warren and Grace.  We established our farm in 2003 after completing Agricultural programs at the University of Guelph.  Mike has spent the past 17 years honing the farm’s production practices and stewarding the land, raising and growing their flock of sheep and managing the grazing operation for cattle.

Amber has worked in the animal nutrition industry and has also shared her love of the farm land by planting, tending and harvesting specialty flowers for her studio floral company - Petals Flower Co.  The flower fields are managed in much the same way as the livestock business - holistically, ethically and adding to the biodiversity of the land.  

The future farmers of the family, Warren (16yrs) and Grace (13yrs) are interested in taking over the farm and making it a second generation operation.  This means changing the farm in years to come and making it sustainable for multiple families. Warren and Grace both invested in a ewe with their own money over 10 years ago; since that time they have been growing their own flocks within the Riverview Ranch (R2) flock.  

The core focus of the farm is sustainability, soil health and integrity.  All decisions made on the farm are made with the health of the pasture/soil and the animals in mind. We pride ourselves on providing the very best environment for our animals; to read more about our farming practices, please click here.  Keeping the next generation in mind, we are now, for the first time, offering our lamb directly to you, the consumer.